Thanks and appreciation

Rod Spaw would like to offer his thanks and appreciation to the following for their assistance with this project:

To my volunteer copy editors and fact-checkers Rich Davis and Cathy Speegle;

To former Daily Egyptian photographers John J. Lopinot, Ralph Kylloe Jr. and Ken Garen who graciously allowed me use of their images;

To former faculty Harry Hix, Bill Harmon and the late Lenny Granato for giving of their time to help me get it right;

To the newspaper alumni quoted herein who consented to interviews all those years ago and whose recollections became the architecture on which to frame this story;

And to Lance Speere, former faculty managing editor of the Daily Egyptian, who aided and abetted my pursuit of this project;

Now, can someone help me clean up this damn office?

rod spaw — May 2, 2020